Isn't it odd that everything in the online is being measured, except the people that work in it

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Recruit the best applicant

Reduce mismatches easily by taking a test with applicants in the selection process. Through our platform you not only have access to several validated tests, but you can also develop your own tests. We have the largest database of digital-related multiple-choice questions in the areas of web analytics, SEA, SEO, Email marketing, Display Advertising, etc. If the test is completed, you will immediately receive a report with knowledge, insight and application skills of the applicant. View the report individually or compare the scores of multiple applicants.

Develop your employees

Having the right digital skills is of vital importance for organizations. Lifelong learning is the new standard which not only makes mapping important but also the development of those skills. At individual and team level. Through our platform, you can easily measure, monitor and benchmark the development of your own employees and you can also determine whether applicants will overlap an existing team in terms of skills or start adding something.

Get access to high potentials

Together with digital key players such as Google, Travix, Catawiki, Microsoft and NIMA, Sqillzer sets the benchmark for education by offering free up-to-date and validated tests for students and young professionals. Over 800+ participants have now tested their digital skills. The scores of this new generation of digital professionals are accessible to you. This is how we help you to be the first to find and recruit high potentials.

Start embedding digital skills in your organization now!


Do you hire online marketing professionals regularly or are you interested in the need for knowledge development with you own employees? Why not test them? Do it now. It’s free!

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