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When you measure others, you shouldn’t be afraid when others measure you.


“Sqillzer enables us to test the knowledge level and to compare candidates better. ”

Mirjam de Jong,
HR Manager, M2Media


HR Manager Mirjam de Jong:

When reviewing job applicants based on their CV, we couldn’t accurately assess what the applicants’ professional level is in his field of expertise.

Sqillzer enables us to test the knowledge level and to compare candidates better. We now know the knowledge level of the candidate and where s/he needs to develop his. Next to using the Sqillzer categories, we use the possibility to add our own multiple choice and open questions to a test.

We have hired multiple candidates, after they have concluded the test satisfactory.

M2Media is a media agency from Hilversum, The Netherlands. They offer their clients an integrated approach to media. Online plays a major part in this approach. http://www.m2media.nl


“Sqillzer enables us to continiously measure the level of quality of our professionals based on our standards.”

Adham Laamraoui,
Business Unit Manager, DPA Online Marketing

DPA Online Marketing

Business Unit Manager Adham Laamraoui:

DPA Online Marketing has grown rapidly since its start in 2013. This growth is mainly the result of the DPA Young Professional Program Digital Strategy, which develops young talented (Online) Marketers into “digital strategists".

We designed our Young Professional Program Digital Strategy so that it addresses three critical success factors, which determine the impact an (Online) Marketer has on his or her environment. Aspects like knowledge, skills and intelectual capacity are being tested and quantified extensively. Within the landscape of assessors and tools, capacity and personality assessments are abundantly available. But how do you determine if some understands the ‘arts and crafts’?

The degree to which an (Online) Marketer is able to solve abstract problems and to translate them to applied operational activities is exactly the added value. That is how we secure the promise to our clients; “Plug & Play Online Marketing professionals”.

DPA Online Marketing recruits, selects, employs and intermediates in 'Plug & Play' online professionals; directly employable and cost effective. http://www.dpa.nl


“The results of the base measurement and second measurement give us the opportunity to offer participants insight in their learning efficiency.”

Stephan Stegeman,
Program Manager Online Marketing, SRM


Program Manager Online Marketing Stephan Stegeman:

We want to create more learning efficiency awareness with our training participants during the training. Next to this, taking a test is of course an extra contact moment with de subject matter. As a result of which participants experience a positive effect on gaining insight.

Through the results of the base measurement and the second measurement we can give a participant insight in his of her learning efficiency. We gain insight in to what extend the subject matter sticks after the training. And based on the base measurement we can estimate if there is a considerable difference in level within the group.


SRM is the training institute for starting and experienced professionals in marketing, marketing communication, management and communication. http://www.srm.nl

Do you hire online marketing professionals regularly or are you interested in the need for knowledge development with you own employees? Why not test them? Do it now. It’s free!

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