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Digital skills of vital importance and long-life learning the new standard

Working in the digital world is increasingly more demanding for people and organizations

We believe - and see in the market - that it is becoming increasingly more important to develop your current employees
and to recruit effectively among the new generation of digital professionals. People ultimately make the difference between failure and triumph.

The big challenge for organizations? Closing the digital and knowledge gap.


With Sqillzer, digital skills are embedded and secured in your organization

What we do

1. Measuring digital knowledge, insight and application skills
Sqillzer has developed an advanced testing platform and the largest database of online marketing related questions in the world.
This way you can quickly gain insight into the digital skills of applicants or your own employees.

2. Standardization of digital skills towards education
Together with digital key players such as Google, Microsoft, Travix and NIMA, Sqillzer sets the benchmark for students,
trainers and young digital professionals. For this we offer free validated and up-to-date tests.

3. Access to the new generation of digital professionals
From the standardization towards students, Sqillzer gives you access to the data of high potentials.
With this our clients are always the first in line to recruit the new generation digital professionals.
Development starts with insight. Insight is what Sqillzer provides.

Digital Expert Board

Our Digital Expert Board consists of experienced online professionals, who have more than proved their worth. With over a 100 years of accumulated experience in the digital world, terms like strategic soundboard, quality assurer and fun people are very much applicable to this board.

  • Rob van Vroenhoven

    Rob van Vroenhoven

    Arimpex Media Services
  • Mascha Driessen

    Mascha Driessen

    Regional Director Advertising
  • Alain van der Heijde

    Alain van der Heijde

    Head of E-commerce a.i.
    ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
  • Stephan Stegeman

    Stephan Stegeman

    Program Manager
  • Hans Molenaar

    Hans Molenaar

    Beeckestijn Business School
  • Paul Arts

    Paul Arts

  • Richard Sweep

    Richard Sweep

    Managing Partner
    Prettysocial Media BeNeLux
  • Menker Johannes

    Menker Johannes

    Corporate Client Manager
    Telegraaf Media Groep
  • Ayman van Bregt

    Ayman van Bregt

    Digital Strategist & Cofounder
    Social Media Academie

Partners in Content

  • Expand Online

    Expand Online is a ROI focused online marketing agency from Rotterdam, with an experienced team of highly trained online marketers. Our service includes a combination of search engine marketing, online advertising and web analytics.
  • SRM

    SRM is the training institute for junior and senior professionals in marketing, marketing communication, management and communication.
  • Clever Strategy

    Clever Strategy combines marketing and technology, coordinates integral campaigns, analyses, manages, adjusts on the fly and reports. Clever Strategy delivers ROI by utilizing several disciplines for customer contact, from an overall strategy.
  • Brand Your Business

    Brand Your Business ensures that ‘marketing’ and ‘technology’ become one, by diving into the product and the marketing strategy of the client. In order to translate it into technology, that is online marketing campaigns.
  • Mediaflex

    Since 1998 Mediaflex supports and advises companies and candidates with regard to recruitment and career, in the field of (online) marketing, communication & sales.
  • Omnicom Media Group

    Omnicom Media Group is the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc., the leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company, providing services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.
  • Digital Power

    Digital Power help clients to get more efficiency from customer experience and web analytics. They work for clients like Vodafone and ABN Amro.
  • NIMA
  • Is your agency ‘top of the bill’ in your country?

    Then we want to get in contact with you. Please apply as potential Partner in Content. We are more than happy to explain you the benefits.


Sqillzer team

  • Robert Smit

    Executive Officer

    Favorite superhero:
    Ricky Gervais

    What you probably didn't know:
    I've received a gold record once

    And then something professional:
    15 years ago I founded Mediaflex Recruitment & Training

  • Martijn Smit

    Technology Officer

    Favorite superhero:
    Walter White

    What you probably didn’t know:
    I love Karaoke parties

    And then something professional:
    I've been working in the online world for more than 10 years now

  • Nikki de Kok


    Favorite superhero:
    Sheryl 'Lean In' Sandberg, COO of Facebook

    What you probably didn’t know:
    I've dreamt of a career as a singer, but I chose for entrepreneurship

    And then something professional:
    I develop and teach the minor Online Marketing on the Hogeschool Rotterdam

  • Geertje Boers


    Favorite superhero:
    Eric Ries (The Lean Startup)

    What you probably didn’t know:
    I love to go out for a walk with my Boxer puppy

    And then something professional:
    Last year i finished my study Digital Strategy at Hyper Island

  • Agnes Smit - Wobbes


    Favorite superhero:
    Darren Shirlaw (Shirlaws Group)

    What you probably didn’t know:
    I enjoy growing my own vegetables

    And then something professional:
    I support entrepeneurs in growing their business @Shirlaws Group

  • Sebastiaan Postma

    Content Translator & Reseller US/Canada

    Favorite superhero:
    Forrest Gump

    What you probably didn’t know:
    I love to ride my motorcycle

    And then something professional:
    I'm a board member with the Canadian Netherlands Business and Professional Association

  • Dirk Meuzelaar

    Reseller US

    Favorite superhero:

    What you probably didn’t know:
    I grew up on a ship

    And then something professional:
    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, saved $ millions via procurement projects.

  • Rick Brink


    Favorite superhero:

    What you probably didn’t know:
    I have a lobster as a pet

    And then something professional:
    I run my own webshop



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