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“Sqillzer enables us to test the knowledge level and to compare candidates better. ”
  • Mirjam de Jong
  • HR Manager,
  • M2Media


“Sqillzer enables us to continiously measure the level of quality of our professionals based on our standards.”
  • Adham Laamraoui
  • Business Unit Manager,
  • DPA Online Marketing

0/1 meting

“The results of the base measurement and second measurement give us the opportunity to offer participants insight in their learning efficiency.”
  • Stephan Stegeman
  • Program Manager Online Marketing,
  • SRM

Digital Expert Board

Our Digital Expert Board consists of experienced online professionals, who have more than proved their worth. With over a 100 years of accumulated experience in the digital world, terms like strategic soundboard, quality assurer and fun people are very much applicable to this board.

  • Ment Kuijper

    Ment Kuijper

    Managing Director
    IDMK Training
  • Rob van Vroenhoven

    Rob van Vroenhoven

    Thuiswinkel e-Academy
  • Mascha Driessen

    Mascha Driessen

    Regional Director Advertising
  • Alain van der Heijde

    Alain van der Heijde

    Head of E-commerce a.i.
    ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
  • Stephan Stegeman

    Stephan Stegeman

    Program Manager
  • Hans Molenaar

    Hans Molenaar

    Beeckestijn Business School
  • Paul Arts

    Paul Arts

  • Richard Sweep

    Richard Sweep

    E-commerce Specialist
  • Menker Johannes

    Menker Johannes

    Independent Digital Marketing
  • Ayman van Bregt

    Ayman van Bregt

    Digital Strategist & Cofounder
    Social Media Academie

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